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Videos suggest Russia is arming the TalibanPosted:

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United States and Afghan officials have been claiming recently that Moscow has been arming Taliban insurgents in an already war-torn country but evidence of these claims has been scarce until videos, unearthed by CNN, show Taliban insurgents carrying Kalashnikov variants and heavy machine guns that "have been stripped of any type of identitication of their origin". Two seperate sets of Taliban groups claim to be in possession of this set of weaponry and they say that these weapons were originally provided to them via the Russian government; one group says that acquired the weapons from defeating a rival Taliban group and another group says that they received the weapons for free across the border with Tajikistan and that they were provided by "the Russians". These videos don't provide irrefutable proof that Russia is the perpetrator behind the flow of weapons to Taliban insurgents but it shows that there is a flow of weapons into this battlefield going into the hands of insurgents and it has Afghan and American governments deeply concerned about Russia's involvement and intentions in this matter.

The said videos which CNN have found are in the source link below, make sure to watch them. There are so many countries with weapons of this caliber and anyone could be handing these Taliban insurgents these weapons but what has me thinking of Russia is the multiple variantd of the Kalashnikov these people possess.
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oh well. Let those places tear each other apart the conflict never ends there. We're sending us troops there for nothing now. We should bring them home and build our defenses up here.
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