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Konosuba New Anime Project Announced!Posted:

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So a new Konosuba anime project was announce by the VAs themselves without them knowing they were going to be the ones to announce it. You can hear their excitement. We don't know if it's going to be a season 3 or another OVA, but hopefully its not a pachinko machine.

View the announcement with English subs below.

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Hopefully it's season 3. The author's vague description of thanking the studio and hoping to do work with them again, made too many people jump the gun thinking the anime was done with or at the very least put on hold. I don't think they'll do another OVA, seeing how the first season also only got 1, I can't really see why they would do 2 OVAs for Season 2, given that a lot of people out cried about thinking the anime was over. Also oddly enough, MyAnimeList seems to have listed Konosuba 3 as the sequel to Konosuba 2; however, it's using the same title as Season 2, so they probably jumped the gun too.
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inb4 its just another fanservice OVA instead of an announcement of S3. Hopefully its a confirmation of another season though because its definitely an anime I can watch countless times and enjoy it and need more of the water goddess.

Or Pachinko
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Honestly I would expect a third season going by how well received the series has been so far.
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i loved the show can't wait to see what happens
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Not a fan of anime at all, but this is nice news for all the SB weebs
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