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UFC 214 - Jon Jones Vs Daniel Cormier - Predictions!Posted:

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So UFC 214 is comming up this Saturday and I cannot wait 3 big title fights on the line ,

Daniel Cormier vs Jon Jones 2

Tyron Woodley Vs Demian Maia

Cyborg vs (forget name)

Lawlor Vs Cerrone

to name a few,

I haven't been this excited in a while for a fight card like this I'm predicting , jones , maia , lawlor obviously their are more fights.

Here is a promo to get you pumped a masterpiece ,

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Cormier vs jones, been waiting for ageeeees for this!
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Jon Jones coming back with a vengeance. he's gonna run Cormier's show
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As expected Jon Jones got the W. A bit suprised how it all ended honestly, Cormier looked like he had the fight for the first 2 rounds imo. But happy for Jones to once again be the light heavy weight champion. Doubt Cormier will want a third rematch after losing twice.
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well I think we all know what happened, Cormier actually died
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Jesus, was that even necessary what Jones did? He punched Cormier in the head repeatedly like 20 times. I don't follow the UFC much but what the hell? I guess that's a good reason why I don't.
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