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Pre Ordering Game QuestionPosted:

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I recently bought a PS4 I was gonna preorder a game, would they take the money out of my account as soon as I pre order or will they when the game comes out like Xbox did?
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Well, from what I just read when I searched it up, on PS4 you have to pay the full amount the instant you preorder.

I also read that apparently, in the EU, you have to pay once the game starts downloading.
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If I remember correctly, when I preordered MWR, I needed to have the full amount and it took the money out as soon as I went through with the purchase.

I did preorder from the PlayStation store and I am in the US if that matters.
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As soon as you Pre-Order
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If you order from the PSN store they charge you straight away, if you order from Amazon then they do not charge you until they post the game.
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on Amazon they wait until they ship it
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They will take the money out of your bank when you buy the game. They check to see if this is bought by PayPal or Card etc... just to verify on their end security reasons. That's why it takes a bit longer.
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