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The Death Note Live-Action AdaptationPosted:

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Death Note

Directed by Adam Wingard

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Light Turner, a bright student who stumbles across a mystical notebook that has the power to kill any person whose name he writes in it. Light decides to launch a secret crusade to rid the streets of criminals. Soon, the student-turned-vigilante finds himself pursued by a famous detective known only by the alias L.

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If you didn't already know, the new trailer for the upcoming live-action Death Note movie went up on YouTube yesterday -- and it's receiving a lot of hate. At the time of writing this, the likes and dislikes of its trailer are almost the same, at around 21k each. That's pretty bad. For those who know nothing about Death Note in general, this live-action movie, directed by Adam Wingard, is based on the original, incredibly popular Death Note manga/anime, which ranked #1 in popularity on MAL (MyAnimeList). Here's the trailer and some images of the movie.

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So why is the movie getting so much hate? It's because it turns out that the movie drifts away from the original source material. In other words, it's not going to follow the original story and the characters are going to have some major alterations. The setting, for example, is going to take place in America (Seattle, Washington) instead of some place in Japan, but I don't think that's the main thing what fans are angry about -- it's the characters. In short, their names, looks and personalities are changed. Instead of Light Yagami (main character), it's Light Turner. Instead of Misa Amane, it's Mia Sutton. It's a good thing that the death god, Ryuk, will still retain his original self, lol. If you've read the manga or saw the anime, and then saw the trailer, you can definitely tell that the characters are really off balance. They're doing things that the original characters would never do. There was also a lot of hate in the past, when they announced the cast, on how they're using American actors instead of Japanese actors, but imo, if an actor could portray their character well, who honestly gives a shit. But in Death Note's case, we won't be really be able to tell since the characters aren't based on source material. On the other hand, I'm glad they casted Willem DaFoe (dude who played Green Goblin in 2002's Spider-Man) to voice Ryuk. I think his voice is great for that part. Here's a visual comparison of the actors and their characters.

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Live-action anime/manga adaptations in general don't do that well, too. Just look at the Ghost in the Shell, Dragonball: Evolution, Attack on Titan and Parasyte: The Maxim live-action movies. Here's my short, personal answer on the reason why they're bad: They'd rather make a movie to attract the larger audience (usually not the fans) to ultimately make more money. I'm not saying the movie is gonna be trash, I'm just not gonna hold high expectations for it. Who knows, the movie might actually be great, despite all the changes made. Regardless if it's good or bad, I'm still gonna watch it.

Anyway, since we're on the topic of Death Note, you should check out the anime if you haven't already. It's definitely well worth the time, especially if you were planning on watching the movie when it comes out. The anime is 37 episodes long, with each episode being around 20 mins (if you skip the OP/ED). There's also an English dubbed version that's available (which is actually pretty good) for those who can't stand subtitles.

The Death Note live-action movie premieres on the 25th of August on Netflix.

Feel free to leave your thoughts about the movie and the whole situation regarding it!

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Fibril (06-30-2017)
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Definitely looks horrible just like most live action movies. Light's character seems to be based around bullies, what is completely opposite of it in the manga/anime and looks like some serial meth addict. This is a very good topic though and in depth, good work Zesri.
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Remember, this is a Western adaptation of Death Note; this is not, what some people refer to, as a white-washing.

Ghost in the Shell, for example, is a clear view as to what white-washing is. They kept that movie based in Japan but the producers cast a white female, Scarlett Johanssen, as the main character.

In this live action version of (correction) DEATH NOTE, it's a Western adaptation. The movie is based in the United States, the movie has American actors in it, etcetera.

I still believe it'll be a bad movie, as many of the live action films of animes or cartoons turn out. But there is a difference between white-washing a movie and creating a Western adaptation, which is much more socially correct and appropriate than white-washing is.
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Lol. This will be an interesting watch for sure, looks decent. But it doesn't follow the anime like others mention in YouTube comments. Ryuk looks to be the only character following the anime lol. I personally don't like Lakeith playing as L but I guess we'll see when I actually watch the film on Netflix.
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Ryuk looks like the only good thing in this movie. ill watch it regardless all the weeaboos disliking the video I wasnt expecting it to get that much hate wow lol.Even though ghost in the shell live action was white washed I still thought it was ok.
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I am interested and will watch it once it becomes available, but I have no doubt that it is going to be a let down, even more so than most other live action adaptations because it is an American adaption. I feel that in cases such as this, it is best kept in-house.

I've watched the anime series + Relight, the original two live action movie adaptations, the side story followup film following L's remaining days before his death and the fourth movie Light Up The World which takes place 10 years later, as well as the live action tv series. None of them have followed the manga/anime entirely, for example the live action movies don't feature Near and Mello, thus having L beat Light instead, and then in the fourth film you find out that Light had a kid and that multiple Death Notes have been dropped around the world for the purpose of producing more people to take action as Light did under the mantle of Kira. As for the live action tv series, we had Near (Played by a girl) who had multiple personality disorder and housed the personality of Mello as well.
The first two live action movies weren't terrible, the third was mediocre, and the fourth was pretty bad despite having a good idea behind it. As for the tv series, it was a bit better, perhaps because it lasted longer so it was able to better cover the subject, and naturally as it is a Japanese tv series, there were a fair amount of tropes, for example "Another willful request" - Watari.
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