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ideas on how to deal with bad neighbors?Posted:

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Hey guys, I'm not sure where I left off with my bad neighbor situation, but I figured I'd give you an update. So backtracking about 2 years this lady moved in next door to us (she's mid 50's) and of course I offer to help her move in so all was going good for a little while. Well she has a dog and thinks she's a dog trainer. As a lot of you know I have two German Shepherds. She always made snide comments as to how we're bad dog owners and how badly trained they are, etc. etc. One day she let her dog out to play (no one has fences here) and I'm doing something outside and she asked if I wished that my dogs could play that good. I told her I bet mine are better than hers and let my dogs out and threw their ball. Sure enough her dog came into my yard and started playing with my dogs and won't listen to her so I asked if she wished if her dog was as good as ours.

A month or so later she got a new puppy and fenced the yard. All is good, the fence looks alright so what ever. I would always be a dick and when she would let her dogs out I'd let mine out and they'd all run along the fence line and I always made a comment like "your training is paying off". Then she decided to put up an electric fence on the outside of the fence. I would always cut it up when weed whacking so she got all pissed off and recently put up wood paneling on the inside of the fence (so the good side faces her).

So now 3 weeks ago before I left for Florida I was installing a backup cam on my truck, and I had my dogs out watching me. My truck is parked on her side of our drive way by the way. She asked if I could put my dogs in so she could mow and I did and I told her that I'll be done working on my truck in 15 mins. I get back on the ground and what does she do? She mows and throws grass right at me, literally 4' away I'm looking into the deck of a mower throwing grass at me and my truck. I get pissed off and get up and start screaming at her and she said "well you knew I was going to mow". I decided in the heat of the moment that it would be a smart idea to turn the mower off, take the keys, and huck them in the swamp and tell her to learn how to Fing mow. She calls the cops and tells them her side of the story and then I tell them my side as she's yelling saying I'm a lier, etc. etc. The cops ask if they could look in my truck for evidence of grass clippings so I agree and they ask me if I want to press charges. I declined since I didn't like how I handled it and they told her that she's lucky I didn't press charges and that they aren't going to do anything about what I did.

Now a few days ago she decides to install 2 security cameras looking right at out house. I ask if there's a peeping Tom law against it and unfortunately there's not. I ordered 8 fake cams, 3 of them are facing her house / property and the rest are around the house so it looks like we have a nice security system.

Her cam:
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My cams:

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Anyway, we'll see what happens next. Anyone got any other suggestions to screw with her? I'm not spending real money to send her a glitter bomb BTW.

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Skates (06-16-2017)
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Neighbours are *lady private parts* sometimes.

I'd advise maybe throwing some meat into her garden with laxatives inside the meat. Give her dogs the runs for a week.

I recently moved into my own house. My neighbour has a thing for parking infront of my garage so I can't get my car in/out. Her excuse is because the passage to her house in next to my garage and she's 'disabled' (she's missing 2 fingers, hardly a disability)

So I managed to tow my old mk5 golf from my parents to my house and placed it infront of her car and then parked my current car behind hers. Each car about an inch from hers. I was going on holiday the following day for 2 weeks so I left her stuck outside my garage.

When I came back off holiday, my brand new car had been keyed and my wing mirror kicked off. I called the police and she was arrested for criminal damage (caught her on CCTV also)

She paid the damages to my car (around £1,200 for a full respray and new wing mirror)
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Drop kick her in the face as soon as she opens the door just "hello who's there " - WABOOOOSH right in the face with two feet ,

Okay maybe don't do that maybe tip her bin upside don or sit outside banging a drum
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Thank me later

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Pick up bikini bottom and move it somewhere else!
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C4 wrote
Thank me later

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Sounds like a great idea.
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Cute looking dog btw!

But if your feelin funky you should put a piece of paper over her cameras and every time she takes them down put it back up. The laxatice meat idea isnt a bad one either!
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Lol this is crazy. Thank faq I don't have crazy neighbors.
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Kick her kneecaps off
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Honestly, best thing you could do is ignore her, don't let her get to you by pushing your buttons. It'll eventaully annoy her that you're not giving her a reaction that hopefully in turn she'll stop being a cee you next tuesday.
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