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Snapchat Geofilter - Looking for Feedback!Posted:

  • E3 2017
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Last September I made this Geofilter for the college that I attend. Everyone seemed to appreciate it and it was much better than the plain text/emoji ones that were present. However, I never got any real feedback regarding the design, which is why I'm posting this here. I would like to make another one for the upcoming semester, since I have some time on my hands, so I would like some feedback on this design. I plan to make it a different style than the one posted, but I would just like to know where I went wrong or could improve. Thanks!

I am not a graphic designer. I have not actively done any "designing" since the CoD4/MW2 YouTube days. So please be constructive.

The submitted and approved Geofilter (& one w/background):
The quality looks a little better on the phone, these were from either photoshop or the Snapchat approval email
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I ended up recreating the Chapel building using the pen tool and shapes. Definitely took the longest part, especially when the reference I used was obstructed:
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I uploaded the above just to give you an idea of what I did to create the Geofilter. Any feedback helps! Thanks in advance!

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dang man that;s dope nice job
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Crazy that it got approved for a huge school in a heavily populated area like that. Looks nice though
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I would recommend you can create your own design
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Looking nice, i love that picture of the deer to hahaha. Great job!
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Stuff like this should be made in Illustrator, not rasterized in photoshop.
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You got me with the deer mate lol, work looks great cuz keep it up.
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Good job man!

I see talent in you,
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Looks is sick! I'd one to have my own like you've manage to get yours for everyone looks good
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Didn't even know this was possible, nice to see you get it on snapchat!
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