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Sup Guys At TTG!Posted:

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Just a quick hello from me! I'm new so I thought I'd say hi to you guys.

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Skates (05-08-2017), Nik (05-07-2017), Mikey (05-07-2017)
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Welcome to TTG! Hope you have a great experience here!
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Welcome to TTG, Be sure to visit the shoutbox > Shoutbox
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Welcome to TTG Dizzy, Enjoy your stay !
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Welcome to the site mate
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Welcome bro!
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Welcome to TheTechGame mate if you ever need any think hit me up, you will always find me here Members_Shout.html
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Welcome to the site mate
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Motto: Official account for dah. PS3 Jailbreak 4.82 REBUG DEX. Youtube/dahdahs [2.6K] Twitter @dxh__
Welcome to this site dude, enjoy your stay here! If you have any questions feel free to PM me. Read the rules if you already haven't. Forums/rules.html
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Welcome to the site man.
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