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Left Se7en For TTGPosted:

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I've hosted free modded lobbies for se7ensins for 4 years, and multiple different games. Always helping and giving a lending hand in their community when somebody need it. Your giving them what they ask for but keep wanting more and more. They don't give you room to grow, you cant ask for much and just when you think everything's going good they spit on your face, All their spots are taken to be sticked and they're not budging what so ever. I've come here to start a good name for myself and I hope to see many new members and old members alike in my lobbies when i start for TTG! I appreciate support every step of they way, this was a big decision but i know it'll end up being the right one! Thanks for reading guys:)

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Welcome to TTG my dude.
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glad you left the dark side

pm me if you have any questions I'm on pretty frequently.
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  • E3 2017
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Welcome to TTG. You'll find this site much more active! Hope to see you around!
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left for the same reason bud. its amazing here.
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  • E3 2017
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How could you leave 7chins?
Thought it was a good site.
Anyways, welcome.
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  • Christmas!
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Welcome to TTG
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  • Christmas!
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Welcome man, good luck with your lobbies.
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  • E3 2017
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Welcome to the site mate
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Came to the right place, hombre.
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