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If You Had A Million Dollars?Posted:

  • Winter 2017
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So I Wanted To Ask The Question To Everyone, If Someone Gave You $1 Million To Only Spend On Cars What Would You Pick?


All Cars Listed Are W/ All Options
1.Corvette Z06 $120K
2.Nissan GTR $110K
3 Mercedes AMG GTS $170K
4.Dodge Charger Hellcat $65K
5. Camaro ZL1 $70K
6. Shelby GT350R $70K
7. Porsche 911 GT3 $180K
8. Dodge Ram 2500 Laramie $70K
9. GMC Sierra 2500 Denali $70K
10. Ford Raptor $70K

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Decy (05-02-2017)
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build my own cars
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iHeartYou wrotebuild my own cars

Spot On!
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Probably Buy as Many Rolls Royces as I can.
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Nissan GTR 2012 & Range Rover Evoque
That's all i would need.
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1. Porsche 911 turbo (108k)
2. Ferrari 458 (we'll call it an even 400k)
3. Lamborghini Murcielago (around $150k, I want low miles lol)
4. Lamborghini Gallardo ($120k)
5. Maserati GranTurismo ($120k)
And we'll use the remaining $102k for servicing fees and other expenses
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I couldn't afford insurance lol, so I guess just a black 2016 F-450 CCLBD Platinum with the 6.7L diesel engine 100% bulletproofed lifted on an any level lift with 18x9 XD series spy wheels and 40x13.5R18 Toyo M/T's.
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1.Fd rx7 with a 26b. say 60k (prolly a high estimate)
2.Sa22c rx7 built up 13b bridgeport possible turbo 15k. Already have the car. maybe like 10k if I rebuild current engine.
3.tesla p100d. 280k countach 600k

and a few shit box holden commodores to derby around with mates out in the bush. 10k for like 4-5 of them.

obviously assuming I don't have to cover costs of maintaining cars. like rego, insurance, servicing (i wouldn't be too keen on serving the lambo myself)
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  • Christmas!
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1,500hp Supra
Focus RS
Bullet proofed Duramax

All I need in life.
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