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What's your favorite soft drink?Posted:

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Small simple topic in the attempt to find out what the most loved soft drink is on TTG.

My favorite soft drink easily
goes to pepsi.
A nice cold pepsi never made the day any worse certainly.

So what about you?
Whats your favorite soft drink / soda / pop / fizzy drink / coke / whatever the hell else you wanna call it?

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Families (05-01-2017)
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Ice cold bottle of water nothing beats it.
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Preferably just like coke
Sometimes... maybe a little Wild Turkey in it
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I like lucozade I drink it on rare occasion if I dont have water
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I mainly just drink water really, nothing beats a nice cold glass of water when its a hot day, so refreshing.
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I prefer water to soft drinks
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Maybe a slushy lol
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I always drink crystal light
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OhG wroteMaybe a slushy lol

Slushies are too good
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