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Rgh stealth and menu's etcPosted:

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So im going to be setting up my rgh for live this week, just want some information.

First is what server, ive been looking at

Cost: ninja (very expensive, not cost effective?)
Cost: teapot (looks fair priced)

Im not sure which one to go with?

Also when a seller replys for Chaotic360 (pm'd no reply . )

Also what are

Im also wondering if ive got jiggy v4.2 (or mw2/3 menu's) set up will stealth stop me from using them, and make me use there menu's...
Or is it just put stealth on and launch default_mp.xex like normal?

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All of these questions have been answered before. Google should be used

Stealth is up to you. Ninja is the best thus expensive. You can YouTube free stealth servers with comments on them to KV life.

Chaotic is a nice tool once you purchase/download/set it up.

xbdm I know is used for like ftp/neighbourhood and other plugins are extras used for certain tools. If I remember correctly Chaotic will need the extra plugins RPC and JRPC2 (someone correct me on this if I'm wrong)

Stealth use mostly off host cheats so using a menu will not mess anything up.
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I won't go into detail about the plugins as it's already been answered above.

Teapot has a 40 day KV life, I've used it in the past and haven't been banned for a few weeks. You get a 7 day trial when you first set it up also.
With stealths they tend to give you an off host which isn't an actual menu like Jiggy. Therefore you can run an off host and a normal menu

I think I've said this to you before but if you have any more questions like this I'd be more than happy to go through it with you.
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Server is all up to you.. I don't think rebellion is free anymore though? Ninja is best so it's expensive. Teapot is great but sometimes it freezes your games because the offhost crashes it.

Chaotic is great, they include plugins with download.

Any menu can be installed very easily. YouTube can help with that or you can drop me a PM and I'll try to help
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