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Today marks the day that I have been sober for....Posted:

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I'm a little late on this topic, but as I'm posting this it's still April 22nd, so I just wanted to share some personal details with you guys.

I don't share my personal details, especially on topics with my sobriety issues. Most of you if not all of you probably have no idea that I've struggled with drugs and alcohol for most of my life.

So to start off my mom was a crack head when she had me so crack was already in my system and I was pretty much birthed on crack. Fast forward a few years and I started smoking. My mom is a lifetime smoker and as a kid I thought that was cool so when I was maybe 5 or 6 I stole a pack of cigarettes from my mom and started smoking them. It didn't take long before I got addicted to them. When you're that young and smoking, your friends start to make fun of you because you smell bad and no one wants to hang out around you. This just put me in a huge rut so I started drinking and getting black out drunk.

I was pretty young when this crap happened and fortunately enough I had great family that showed me that it wasn't helping me and they all helped me get off everything. With that said, today, April 22nd, marks the day that I stopped EVERYTHING. I stopped smoking, and I stopped drinking. I am proud to announce that I am now 19 years sober!!!

Hope you guys enjoyed that short story. P.S. my mom was never a crack head and I never drank or smoked in my life, it's just my birthday so I guess beings that it's my 19th birthday I can say I'm 19 years sober.

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Well happy birthday. I almost fell for it but just kept reading.
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Congrats man
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This was such an inspirational story, thanks for sharing! +REP
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So I guess overall congrats on not being born from crackmother, not smoking and getting blackout drunk at 6, and happy birthday!
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well congrats on not being a crack baby I guess lmao
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ffs man well happy birthday and im glad the story wasn't true
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Congrats on being Sober for 19 years!!

Anyways bro have a amazing happy birthday and don't let anyone get in your way today

PS: Stay Zexy 20 stay Zexy you Zexy 19 year old XD
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Lmao nice laugh, happy birthday homie.
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I almost believed this and was sitting like shiiiiit, this is some serious stuff. Glad it's not true though.

Happy birthday mate
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