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Friday The 13thPosted:

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As some of you may know the video game Friday The 13th has been in production for a while now and has been green lit for release on may 26the 2017 on xbox one , playstation 4 and steam.

Its my understanding we have 10 different counselors/ survivors to choose from each with a different set of skills such as a typical jock being a stronger faster character. Working as a team you must prioritize what each player does in your team, so if you find a weapon you should think about giving him the weapon whereas the nerd character might be able to repair things such as an escape vehicle quicker then others so if you find materials to fix an escape vehicle you should give him those items. Thinking as a team will allow you to either kill or escape from Jason

Below I've added a trailer along withe some other videos withe general production and promotional material. I am quite excited for the is although thee trailers don't look great I still think the is should be good fun.

Below is a youtube video made by CharminEXSoft Gaming who gives a good overview of the game itself and what you are expected to do to survive.

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Nice man had to drop a thanks on your topic, so many trailers to watch and good information in the thread nice job bro. Hoping to pick up Friday The 13th pritty soon, all the videos I have seen have been amazing, and my friend says its one hella scarey game lol. I love all my horror movies so much so i know ill get right into this game. One of my mates did say the gameplay was actually quite difficult so will be nice to have abit of a challange on my hands.

Again man get thread.
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