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What user name shall i choose ?

75.00% (3 votes)
25.00% (1 vote)

Total Votes: 4

Whats a better TTG user namePosted:

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So im going for the gold gifter + badge and gonna request a user name, what user name do you think looks better ?

Mikey or MadMike

The Following 1 User Say's Thank You to Mikey For This Useful Post:

Xbox (04-06-2017)
#2. Posted:
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can I say neither? because they both suck equally as much.
#3. Posted:
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I'd go with mad mike, we all know you're mad :p
#4. Posted:
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#5. Posted:
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Mikey. If that is your name.
#6. Posted:
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I dont really like either of these two. How about mad mikey?
#7. Posted:
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how about neither and keep your username you have now so everyone can know who you are
#8. Posted:
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I'd stick with your current one, much better!
#9. Posted:
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I'd stick with it and it's only two letters.
#10. Posted:
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Mikey but what's better than yo
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