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The Undertaker RetiredPosted:

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I dont watch much WWE anymore like I did when i was a kid but Undertaker was one of my favorites and its sad to see him leave after Wrestlemania 33. After being defeated by Roman Reigns, he took his hat off and gloves and left them on the ring and left in sadness for his last day in the ring. Im not sure how long his was in WWE for but there are some memorable fights and its sad to see him go.

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What are your thoughts on his retirement.

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The only reason to watch wrestlemania is now gone. Don't give a shit for the other fights as they are mediocre and non enthusiastic to me.

No more Last Rides/Tombstones.
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When WWE was at its peak for me it was entertaining to watch him fight, and win every wrestle mania. Sad to see him go
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It sucks, but I understand it. I haven't cared about WWE for years but I loved watching him & Rey Mysterio. It's too bad it's come to an end, but you've got to retire eventually.
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I was there and it was so emotional. When he broke kayfabe and kissed his wife it was really cool.
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So upset about this even though i dont watch it any more the guys a legend
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I know I can't believe he's retired. It's the end of an era.
Also, I didn't know he was 52
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Left watching WWE like 12-13 years back. But with Undertaker at the event it was always enticing to watch the whole event just for him.
I think no one in the world would say they did not know who the undertaker is.
A sad moment indeed in the history of WWE and it's fans.
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He will go down as one of the greatest wrestlers of all time! Will be missed but its time to move on for him he is getting up there in age and needs time with family <3
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No more Wrestlemania, it's nothing without him.
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