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Destiny 2 DLC Release Dates Leaked by GameStopPosted:

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Similar to the hype for Destiny, we again got confirmation of when the first 2 DLCs for Destiny 2 will be arriving. Expansion 1 will be releasing sometime in Winter 2017 and Expansion 2 will be in Spring 2018. No names for the expansions or if anymore will come after 2 but new story missions, activities, competitive multiplayer, and of course new weapons, gear, and armor for both of the expansions.

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More Information:

No items or anything will be transferring over from the newsletter GameSpot made. The only thing that will carry over is your character, race, gender, face, and anything you put onto his face. If you have also completed the Black Garden mission in Destiny, It will carry over to Destiny 2 probably to continue the story? Bungie is also thinking of giving the day 1 players of Destiny an award on Destiny 2 for their support and the long journey they've had.

Destiny 2 releases on September 8th, 2017 and more information and gameplay will be at E3 and throughout the year.

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Mikey (08-01-2017)
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Cant believed i actually paid £219 for my collectors box edition lol, think its well worth it though. Going to be an amazing game.

Thanks so much for this thread man, now I know what to look forward to after the offical release. Really like how they already have 2 Expansion packs already, nice to know when they coming out as well. I think personally I will be gringing this game more than Call Of Duty World War 2, thats how hyped I am for the release.

Thanks for another great topic bro.
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Game hasn't even released yet and DLC dates were already leaked, wow that's amazing. Will give some of those die hard Destiny players something to look forward to.
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I knew they would be out in winter and spring
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