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We Happy Few is Becoming a MoviePosted:

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We happy Few was a game announced at E3 with so much hype towards it but seemed to die. The background and story of the game is outstanding and is recently by the developer we will most likely see a film based on the game in the future. They will be partnering with dj2 Entertainment, a movie company that is in the process of making some other video game movies such as Sonic the Hedgehog and Life is Strange. There is no official list of cast or what the script is about since is so early in development and it probably wont start anytime soon.

2 tweets were posted by the company that made We Happy Few telling us that a movie for the game is true and mostly likely will be hearing more about it in the future.

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I think mentioning the movie before the game is even complete was a rather dire mistake as the hype around that game will die out unless the movie were to come a few months after the finished game is released. A great example of this is the FNAF movie that is/was happening. I believe it was mentioned a movie would be made around the time FNAF 2 or 3 was out. Since then 2 or 3 more games have come out as well as a book, the hype regarding it has died down and I don't think a movie would be enough to gather enough hype in that fanbase. While We Happy Few is completely different from FNAF and their fanbase, still the game is not even finished yet and already they're trying to make plans for a movie. If they had a trailer for the movie, then maybe I could see it as okay to announce a movie but as of now, I think they killed a lot of revenue for their movie because the game is not finished and now there is going to be a circlejerk of hype that will die down and actually start to resent itself when the movie is not finished when everyone wants it to be done.
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I've never heard of this so this is a new step in my books as I'm a movie freak of nature. Sounds like a forestry film (don't ask) just came up with the idea when I read the title that's all. It's nice to hear that 'Few' will be coming back alive from the dead and turning it into a movie. I'm always the sort of person that gets hyped for new releases. I like the fact a movie is branching out and hopefully it will be interesting and fun to watch for a movie. Thanks for the heads up.
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Definitely would consider going to watch this.
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