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so it's been a really fun 2 years here on thetechgame I'm not very active these day I still do rep my ttg shirt at school and around friends but I just don't have the urge or time to come on here anymore I will still be around just not as active I really want to thank everyone. it's still crazy how I'm here still well thanks for everything ttg and whoever reads this love you have a good day everyone

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congrats on 2 years ill see you at 3!
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Congrats on 2 years mate
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Congrats on 2 years! See you at 3!
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Congrats on 2 years, hopefully we'll see you next year for 3.
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Congratz on 2 Years! Now post more ;)
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Well done, I hope to see you around more.
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Congrats on two years man.
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Congrats dude! Happy to have you
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Congrats on 2 years at the site.

See you at 500 posts soon.

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