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Need to plant some grass seed! Any tips?Posted:

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Does anyone have experience with planting grass seed? Ive got two ruts in the front yard and I bought some grass seed to re grow. I have it kind of leveled out. When is the best time to lay seed down? And any special tips to help it grow better?
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Has some good tips regarding planting grass seed

Tip #2: Before you begin seeding a lawn, consider the current season.

Its true that seeding can be successful any time of year, but spring and summer lawn seeding require more care and water, and weeds and crabgrass cause a lot more competition. Seeding a lawn in late summer or fall is ideal. Early fall is preferred because seeds can germinate faster in the warm soil and continue to establish itself through the cooler weather of fall and winter. Theres also more natural water in the fall so less sprinkling is needed.
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Get the soil loose, add nutrient or fertilizer to the soil, spread the seed on, rake it to spread the fertilizer/nutrient & seed. Then water it and cover it with straw then water it again. Water it everyday until it grows in full. Hope this helps you out
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Why not get any sod?
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Roop wroteWhy not get any sod?

expensive compared to just seeding your lawn.


if you have a mom and pop nursery near you ask them for seed. They have the good stuff.
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