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Resident Evil 7 Almost Had a Dog In The Baker FamilyPosted:

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News has risen that in the early stages of Resident Evil 7 there was a dog in the Bakers family named Diane. Not much of Diane was put into the game so they decided to just whip it from the whole game. Koshi Nakanishi, a director quoted in a video that they wish they had never cut it out. Dogs or just animals alone make a story so much better and probably the community and myself would have loved to see a dog in the Baker family. There were many ideas that were also cut out of the full game but This one was a huge one that should have been.

"In the early stages we were trying all kinds of new ideas but there were a lot of things that didnt make the cut. For example, looking back now one of the things I wish we could have kept was that the family used to have a pet dog. I forget its name, I think it was Diane, and it was part of the dinner scene, I think. For one reason or another we had to cut it, which is a shame. Thinking back now I wish we could have kept that."

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This video is not in english so put on subtitles/closed caption on and skip to 9:00 if you want to see the dog Diane. Everything they say is in the quote above as well.

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Hahaha nice good to know lol, such a epic game, i must admit it is a tad scary, such an amzing game. Would highly recommend to play this game if you like your horrow games.
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