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Jay has become only the 4th member to hit 500 gifts of gold!Posted:

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Today marks the day i have gifted gold 500 times on here.
I only pictured myself with 25 gifts - Gold Gifter haha. Crazy times...
500 was never what i wanted to aim for due to how much it costs. But i've done it!
Crazy to think how long i've been active for as well. May 2015 i became active. Account was pretty much fresh, no stats or anything. I created the account just before i started working 3 years ago and my life just got hectic. Where i've got to now is unbelievable. You guys have made my stay here amazing these past 2 years or so. And the respect i've gained is much appreciated. Seriously thank you to each and every one of you. Especially the staff team. My main shouts have to go to those who've helped me quite recently with irl crap i went through.

Greg, Rodent, prodigy. Stelter, Naggy, RepBandit, Zesri, Mortar, Xbox, Sage, Loke, Tcap, Saki-Anime-Lord, C4, Daniel, illume.

These guys showed me support through probably my toughest time and i can't thank them enough. Thank you guys who are a part of TTG, the community is growing and it's awesome to see that.

So some stats

Obviously 500 gifts of gold.
This will be post #3,069
1,739 useful posts, 150 unuseful posts
Thanked 1,494 times
9 Badges
5.7k profile views.
182 friends.

Thank you for the respect & the support. Now i can retire from gifting and let other users hit these milestones.

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Congrats on the big 500 gifts of gold, there arent many people who would be willing to do that many.
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Congrats on 500 gifts. That's a hell of a lot of money spent into gifting. All went to good causes ;P

Now for 500 more? ;)
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I am glad I was able to help you through dark times my friend. I always enjoy playing battlefield on my days off.
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Gratz bro we should play bf1 later when I'm not busy with pet stuff
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500 gifts is that all? Nice work Jay, somebody likes spending money on random people.
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Damn, that's a hella lot of money. Grats, big, big, expensive achievement
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Congrats Jay, I hope you give your bank account a break one day. If you ever need emotional support hmu <3
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=( u forgot meeeee

Congrats on 500 :3
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Congrats huge achievement. Thanied and rep added
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