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What first world problem did you have today?Posted:

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What first world problem did you have today?

For me is now I'm sitting in bed when I should be on my way to collage and I can't find the motivation to get up :/

How about you?

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Sat in work and have to deal with doing that all day before I go out tonight.
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I ran out of mayo.
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Couldn't find a place to park.

As I was writing that my computer decided to randomly restart... it's been doing that once a week and it's really pissing me off.
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First world problem: This morning after work I forgot to go and claim the money I found. I remembered when I got to my car, outside the facility.. so I had to go all the way back inside to get the money.
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Couldn't find my keys which was pretty annoying

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I ran out of water bottles so I had to fill up a thermos with water so I can have something to drink at college.

Thirst world problems
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I was getting upset earlier because the bluetooth from my phone wasn't connecting to my car, lol.
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my dragon shit on my floor
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