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"FaTL Clan" tryouts *new clan* SNIPERS,TRICKSHOTTING.ect MWRPosted:

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What good guys so pretty much me and my bud started up a clan
no its not going to be a little trash clan but, considering we just started it up it is NOT big yet we hopefully will be soon we do get some clan battles going when we can so if your into that. TRY OUT! XD

How it works.

1. comment your xbox1 gamertag

2.include what part you want to be in (list below)
"Snipers"= mostly quick scoping , going for trickshots, and hitting $bill$ cams
"Pubstomping"= pretty much explains itself. Any gun and just go try hard
"Both"= both of the following

3.1v1 either me (FaTL SLaYz) or the co-owner (FaTL SpLasH) determining on who is avalible . If you do not succeed with your first attempt you WILL receive another tryout if wanted.If you lose and think you deserver to be in, you will be granted by being accepted into the clan .

4. if you beat either one of us you have to atleast score half an average score on the other wich would be SpLasH or me depending on who I avalible once again.


1. DO NOT argue over the co owner or Owner of the clans decisions.That being if you didn't make it or anything we decide to do.

2. you have atleast 1 month to change your gt to your desired name

ex) FaTL (NAME)
until then u will keep your clan tag as "FaTL"
if you need more time we will discuss it

3. OUR main priority is to just HAVE FUN and to be a good clan and eventually get in some big clan battles.

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AirmailDuck318 (04-02-2017)
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trash clan. smacked their leader 20-5 on shipment
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And i can record
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Didn't realise clans were still a thing lmao, I thought they had died along with the rest of the COD franchise.
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