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Is your car easy to work on?Posted:

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Think about where parts are placed, are they easy to remove and refit?
Are the parts easy to source?
Are the mechanics of the parts good?

Tell me what it's like working on your car, easy or hard?
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My 1978 Car i have no issues , never really had any issues cause i drive Trucks
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Suspension/Body wise yes i love it, it's not too bad, but as in engine wise i just don't have the patience.
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Should be but I have a fix em and break em mechanic
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I bought a civic 2008 DX 2 years ago , the only parts I have change is the battery (replaced myself) & the brakes which someone else changed for me. Pretty happy about it and the Civic has almost 160 000 Km
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2006 F-250 6.0L diesel.

Suspension was very well thought out and super easy to work on compared to other vehicles that use front coil springs. Engine work is a PITA just because diesel engines are massive and you have no room to work on them. I don't touch transmissions and gears in an axle are 90% the same on all vehicles and they all are a PITA to do lol.
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2007 Acura TSX.

Relatively easy. Some things are a pain like replacing the oil filter. On the first gen TSXs, you have to reach up from the bottom of the car and stick your hand close to the exhaust manifold just to get it off. First time I did an oil change, I had to smash a screw driver through the filter just to break it loose. Other than that, everything seems pretty straightforward given that you have the correct tools.
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I drive a 07 VW GTI
My engine compartment is pretty compact but I have a lot more room than my past Audi's. My turbo is placed in the engine where I only have to take off a few parts to get to. My old audi had to have the engine dropped to get the turbo.

I am pretty familiar with my car so working on it is no problem. Although getting to certain parts are challenging.

I have a VW dealership near my house!
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Yes, it's also a very popular car so it's easy to find parts for.
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Seat Leon FR 2016.

Not had any work done on it yet so I wouldn't know!
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