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MrRobot 3000 postsPosted:

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I have finally reached 3k posts My next goal is to reach 800 rep

Even though these stats are just numbers i think they show the progress i have made since my first day here. I have:
1085 useful/ 285 unuseful posts
315 thanks
27 gifts of gold
3208 profile visits
And 69 friends :kappa:

"Security is an illusion"

Memez for the l0lz

The Following 9 Users Say Thank You to Mr_Robot For This Useful Post:

Rick (03-04-2017), Decy (03-04-2017), Jay (03-04-2017), RVM (03-03-2017), Skates (03-03-2017), Daniel (03-03-2017), Elijah (03-03-2017), Ninja (03-03-2017), imgur (03-03-2017)
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congrats on 3k posts in less than a year
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Congrats Robot big accomplishment! You are flying through post count!
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Been smashing these milestones bud!

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sorry that i didnt say anything but now i do for sure congrats on 3000 posts buddy
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Congratulations on 3k bud see you at 4k
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3,000 posts, is that all? Thought more off you Mr Robot. +Rep
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congrats mate!!!!
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Congrats on reaching 3000 posts Naught .

See you at 800 rep very soon.

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Congrats on 3,000 posts ruined your post by adding memes. Idiot. Joking, keep doing what you do.
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