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Hi, not sure what topic to put this, but basically my brother got scammed on a CS:GO website called "csgoregal" i think, so someone wanted to buy his knife, he claimed to have been banned from this said website. So he wanted to get rid of his coins, and give them to my brother for his knife. he wanted to make sure he could get actual skins from this site so he went to the withdraw forum. He tried to withdraw a skin but he needed to deposit $30 worth of skins in order to withdraw with coins for skins. So he did he put in a hyper beasy awp and a m4a1s mecha industries, which was all about $44 in total. after he did that it still wouldst let him withdraw skins with his coins. so he talked to an "admin" through steam and he tried to fix it. he seemed legit he said all these things and "reset" his account so he could withdraw. he tried to get his skins back but the guy said he needed to put another $30 worth of skins again. At this point he should have known since he's done this so much, but the guy guaranteed him it would work and gave him $50 worth of coins. all he had left to deposit was his butterfly battle scared blue steel knife. The admin said it would %100 work, no scams, and we can screen shot and do all these things. so he deposited his knife to try and get his skins, he told the admin he had deposited his knife and the admin simply said "get scammed retard" he is very upset, the guy wanting to get rid of his coins must have worked for the site. is there anything i can do? like report this to someone, or anything to help him really. i feel very bad for him and he has done a lot for this site in the league section.

Anything will help!

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Nope, nothing you can do. Steam won't help you for falling for scams anymore. Sorry about the lost items.
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