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imgur is a championPosted:

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Well boys, we finally did it. 8,000 posts.

I'd like to thank my school for going on strike for a month and a half and giving me some free time to kill on here.
I'm not gonna make this anything wild, just wanted to make a little post.

Hope to see you guys around.
And don't forget to rep and thank this or I'll text your mom.

The Following 30 Users Say Thank You to imgur For This Useful Post:

Ache (03-02-2017), vWatsonc (03-01-2017), RepBandit (03-01-2017), Yamborghini (03-01-2017), Gifty (03-01-2017), Skates (03-01-2017), Kixa (03-01-2017), Halo (02-28-2017), Loke (02-28-2017), Mortar (02-28-2017), Saku (02-28-2017), Xbox (02-28-2017), Brigand (02-28-2017), Rick (02-28-2017), Dinkleberg (02-28-2017), Scott (02-28-2017), Jay (02-28-2017), Mickers (02-28-2017), TRICKNN (02-28-2017), Rodent_Modz (02-28-2017), Devil (02-28-2017), Daniel (02-28-2017), prodigy (02-28-2017), Chat (02-28-2017), EMP (02-28-2017), Tom (02-28-2017), Mr_Robot (02-28-2017), xD-MEMES-LOL (02-28-2017), Ninja (02-28-2017), 69_69 (02-28-2017)
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Grats my man!;)
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Grate on spamming buddy
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Congrats on the 8k Imgur. Heres your daily rep so you dont text my mom
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Congrats on 8k posts Wish my school went on strike for that long
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Congrats on 8,000 posts that's a massive milestone, see you at 9 and 10,000 posts. Hopefully 900 and 1000 rep very soon, keep doing what you do buddy!
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Your school was on strike for a month and a half?
Don't think mines gone on strike for longer than a day..
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8000? You suck broo
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Grats on the 8k man!!
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Do you want her number?

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