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You guys believe in tarot cards?Posted:

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So as a lot of you know I've been looking for a job for the last 1-2 months really trying to find something. Now over the course of these 2 months or so, I didn't get a single call. So this morning I sent out a whole bunch of resumes and filled out a whole bunch of applications not thinking too much of it, just my morning routine, then I saw an add on the side of a page that said something about tarot cards. I take the test and a few of them mentioned something about a change was happening in the very near future that involved monetary and personal growth basically signifying I would find a new beginning to something in the very near future. So I go about my afternoon and I get a call for an interview for a position I applied for this morning and I was like what are the odds haha then I kid you not I hang up and get a second call within about 2 minutes later for a position I applied for last week. That just seems too in place to be a coincidence... What do you guys think about tarot cards?
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No i dont believe in them whatsoever
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No it's completely fake imo.
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Coincidence, you still wouldve gotten the call had you not seen that ad.
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Nope, I don't
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Na today was just finally your day homie. All the time you put into finding a job is now paying off.

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I put them in the same category as palm readers, psychics, mentalists, clairvoyants, mind readers, fortune tellers, horosopes, ghost hunters, seance's, ouija boards, automatic writers, exorcists, and anyone else who claims to have any supernatural ability.

The category is titled: Nonsense.

I have said this before on this website but to me this proves beyond any reasonable doubt that the vast majority of these people are con artists, and the rest are delusional.

James Randi recently terminated his one million dollar challenge after two decades of it being open.
The challenge was that if someone claimed to have supernatural abilities and could prove the existence of them under scientific conditions they would win one million dollars.

In two decades every person tested failed and some of the most high profile psychics agreed to take the test but then never did.

One million dollars. To some of these psychics that is pocket change, but they could have donated it to charity and proved a point at the same time, surely?

No, it's all nonsense and superstition. Tarot cards are a poor man's version of being a psychic. Psychics actually have some skill in that they can read people.
Tarot readers just have to shuffle a deck, flip a card over and make whatever they say next sound spooky and ominous.

Think about how vague that sentence is, "something about a change was happening in the very near future that involved monetary and personal growth"
I got paid today and tried something new at Subway. Monetary and personal growth.

They also have a very strange grip over our biases. If you do have monetary and personal growth after seeing one of those you are likely to link them together. If you don't have monetary and personal growth you probably won't even remember that you saw those tarot cards. They can only ever really leave a good impression on people, or no impression at all which leaves people susceptible for the next time they encounter them.

The supernatural money-making industry has some really brilliant marketing strategies because it's filled with people who understand human psychology.

Or I'm wrong and someone can tell your future by shuffling a deck of cards correctly.
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