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Gold Giveaway - 3 winnersPosted:

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I am doing a gold giveaway with 3 winners!

I am gradually making my way towards gold gifter

How to enter!
Tell me why you believe you deserve it and what you enjoy about TTG.

I may also gift a 3rd person, chosen by the members of TTG! The member with the most up votes on their post will win

Good luck, you've got 24 hours

The Following 10 Users Say Thank You to Dalm For This Useful Post:

Skates (02-25-2017), Acetone (02-25-2017), Reevy (02-25-2017), Chat (02-25-2017), Ninja (02-25-2017), ZTE (02-25-2017), eh (02-25-2017), Mitochondria (02-25-2017), Xbox (02-25-2017), Nathan (02-25-2017)
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  • Winter 2016
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I'll enter man

I'm always active, I help out where I can and when I can, always their for people when they need a chat, I enjoy everything on TTG mainly the shoutbox

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I deserve it because I am apart of the TTG hierarchy.

What I enjoy about TheTechGame - Members_Shout.html

Thanks for the gold giveaway opportunity.

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I would like to be in for a chance with this because since I first became a gold member it has motivated me more to host lobbies for the community and also help them out a lot. I have been hosting lobbies for the community since I became a gold member so if I was to get gifted more gold it would motivate me even more and keep me hosting lobbies and helping people out like every day because it is what I do and also I am a very active member and I am on TTG day in day out so if you pick me for the gold winner you sure aren't wasting it as I put it to good use for me and the community!
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I would like to enter. I don't really think I "deserve" anything but gold would be cool to have. I'm usually around the forums trying to help people in areas that I know best. Thanks for doing this man!
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Im Gonna Enter Becuase im Helpful Within the Comunity and I Host PS3 and Xbox
and why not extra gold
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I think I deserve gold as I have gifted 14 members myself , contributed a lot to the site and a feel gold now would get me more active and possibly back to gifting more people

Also a gold member + and try and help others when I'm on the site

Thanks a lot
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  • E3 2017
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Cough, I rub my magically lamp in hope that when he pulls the cat out of the hat it will say " CHAT " ok don't know, good luck to everyone that enters, I don't really deserve gold. not cool enough.
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  • Christmas!
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I don't really have a reason why I should be gifted gold, I mean I'm a new member low rep. But I'm for the most part always active. Honestly I deserve it no more than anyone else but that's exactly why I'm here. Good luck to everyone.
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  • Christmas!
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I think I deserve gold because I am active and love helping people. What I love about TTG is how we can talk to each other on shoutbox.
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