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If you could choose any username, what would it be?Posted:

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So i was planning on doing this for a while now just haven't been on my PC much. The thread speaks for it's self, if you could have one username what would you pick and why?

If i could pick it would have to be my name which is 'Adam'
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My username now would be the one i choose as its my in real life name.

I wanted this username since i joined and i have it so ill probably never change.

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I would choose one of these

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I really like my username now but im always on the hunt for another good one
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Unfortunately someone's already got it.

Why? Because, I love ninjas/Samurais etc.
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Allnutt, without the dash
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I have the username I always wanted since I first joined this site but if I were to pick another one I would go with "Tom" or "Tommy" since its my name.
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XeCookie the same as my username now but no underscore
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Flash, probably, as my favorite superhero is The Flash. Too bad the account has been inactive since 2009..
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