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My new android game Bounce 2D Posted:

  • Christmas!
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I'd like to know what people think of it ,

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  • E3 2017
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First impression:

It looked good, and well designed from the screenshots. I was really hoping that you had coded it, much rather than unity..

You have a good concept going the filesize is massive, but that is unity's shitty compression rate. I will give you a point for style, it isn't to bland and fits my prefferd look on some games. Flat and simple.

You need to work on the speed though, after playing for about 120 going slow gets really really, boring.

Make it so every i don't know 20-30 points you speed up 2x or 3x. This could use a lot of improvement, but it is unity.

Second impression(all criticism):

The game is unity based, meaning anyone and I mean anyone could have made the same exact game. Unity's compression for files is utterly ridiculous, and the game is way over sized.

It's a slow loading game at first across two devices, and seems more optimized for an old phone running 4.4.2, and much rather than a modern flagship phone running 6.0.1. Once again this is a unity thing.

Make levels, the game does get very boring just watching a ball bounce from left to right up and down, make the game tilt controlled, it is a fun concept and very easy to do at the same time. Like i said in the first impression add a speed boost, the game is slow paced and time consuming.

The time consumption isn't bad just the speed, if i am only going to be able to get roughly 120 in about 4 mins it isn't worth it. Either speed the ball movement up every few levels, or allow the point spawn time to be quicker.

The controls i can't really complain about they're at least one of the things done right, they're on the bottom and out of the way. though I wish unity's response time wasn't so bad.

The color scheme I'd say you did great on with the exception of one or two things, the brightness of each piece, it was a little dark, regardless the brightness I was on.

Now don't take any of this directly to heart. You wanted to know what people thought of it, I gave you a honest opinion, along with some fixes.
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  • E3 2017
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Might give this ago, looks interesting!
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