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I'm back (If you remember me)Posted:

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Hey guys, It's Ohbreaz. I doubt you guys remember me, It's been 2 years but anyways. Happy new years to everyone in the community and I hope you spend time with your family and enjoy with a new year

Who am I? I'm just a typical person who looks at forums, mostly mods. But now I came back for a fresh start and I want this community to stay strong even it has be, I would love to meet with new people in this community and have good communication .

About me? I am 15 years old, I love getting along with others and mostly play video games, my hobbies are playing football, playing games and listening to music.

If you want to talk to me and know me more

Feel free to mail me, I'll always read your messages. If you wanna play with me on consoles, here are my names.

PSN: Lehzii and Im-Crap-at-GTA
Xbox: Lehzii (Inactive abit)

Happy new year guys!

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Welcome back to the site man.

Hopefully you stay active now.

I'm sure you will find people to play PSN and Xbox with.

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Welcome back!
Refresh on the rules and stay active
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Welcome back to the forums!
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welcome back make 2017 lit and stay on ttg!
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Welcome back to ttg
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Welcome back to the site bud.
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Welcome back to the site George.
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Welcome back George feel free to add me and stay active!
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Welcome back to TTG bruv
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