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Gold Giveaway! (Close)Posted:

  • Winter 2016
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So welcome to my first ever Gold Giveaway

To enter, simply comment below why you think you deserve gold membership off me. Anyone can enter!

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I will announce the winner later on or tomorrow, so keep a look out.

Thanks for entering and good luck!

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  • Christmas!
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Happy new year brother hope you feel ok i feel like i should have gold because i love helping out the community and that the site is full of good spirits and people that accually wants to help you

cheers for the giveaway man <3
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  • Christmas!
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Happy New Year Matey:)
I've help many members on the CallOfDuty Forum and also GTA V throughly out the last year n 1/2
so I'd be overwhelmed if you give me gold;*
Many thanks G7
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I'll enter thanks got nothing to say soo skrrr
#5. Posted:
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I dont deserve gold as much as some others do but I do help out and am always active on here.

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I'd like to enter. The reason I think I deserve gold is because I try to help out the community ad much as possible when I can
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  • WIP 5.1
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Happy New Year Rebecca! thank you for giving back to the community and i would love to enter this gold give away!

My Goal is 600 Gifts of Gold! @ 581 right now need to be gold to be able to complete the Goal!

thank you!

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Would love to change this username.

Thanks for the opportunity
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  • Christmas!
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Hard working father , I would live gold as all my money goes on bills lol
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I just started to help people.
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