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FIFA TV - Goals/Funny Moments/Gameplay/SkillsPosted:

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Dear all,

I hope all of you are having safe holidays, and are keeping well. I had done a similar post to this back in 2013, and as it stands I currently had not seen a topic like this running for the past few years.

Within this topic, this is a chance for people to get involved, and post your best goals, gameplay clips, funny moments, and skills. There are no rewards for posting, and is not a competition. Plain and simple, just for fun.

You can do this by either uploading via EA from when you save the goal on that respected clips, or you may have clips and have a youtube channel in which case you can post them in here too.
You can do this by using the Youtube feature via TTG by clicking the Youtube icon displayed above your posting box:
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Copy and paste the youtube link into:
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, and your video should be displayed.

OR, you can manually type in this code, and copy and paste the link in-between the code as shown below:
[youtube]*YOUR LINK HERE*[/youtube]

- Do NOT flame others with comments such as 'Rubbish goal' etc. Likewise, do NOT comment and quote peoples posts saying 'Wow nice goal' etc. If you like there post, simply use the thumbs up, and if you dislike the post, simply click the thumbs down.
- Please only share your clips - Do NOT take credit for someone else's clips.

This is NOT anything serious. More of a bit of fun to get the community together, and try and add a bit of excitement to the FIFA section.


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SBC Dybala at his best! Long range goal against Neuer, top bins!

Thanks for the topic I think it's a great way to bring the FIFA community side of TTG together, here's something to get it started!
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