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Jailbreaking Mega-Thread | Ask Me Anything!Posted:

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Should I Jailbreak my iOS Device?
This is one of the most asked questions when it come's to Jailbreaking Apple Devices! So, hopefully this thread will help you decide whether or not Jailbreaking is for you!

Section 1 - Common Questions

What is Jailbreaking?

Jailbreaking is using an exploit / weakness in the iOS system to allow you to remove all software restrictions and give your self permission to all files, which includes reading and writing to once restricted areas! You may be asking what is the point in this? Why does this bother me? Well, here's why it's so cool and useful. Jailbreaking allows you to be able to run un-signed code. Meaning apps and modifications can be installed that are not Apple certified. Therefore there is practically unlimited uses you can use this for, such as:

- Recording your iOS Screen
- Spoofing Calls, Messages & Notifications
- Filebrowser's which allow you to create, edit, delete and copy files on any location of your phone

These are just a few of the limitless things that Jailbreaking allows you to do.

What type of device can I jailbreak?

This is really a tricky one to answer. Most devices can be Jailbroken and have released working Jailbreaks. However, the device's iOS Version has a big role in whether or not the device can be Jailbroke. So here's the list of Jailbreak-able Devices so far:

- iPhones
- iPod Touch (All Gens)
- iPad (Most Gens)
- Apple TV (2nd Gen & 4th Gen)

Let me burst you're bubble right there. You will most likely see one of the devices you would like to Jailbreak. Like I mentioned before, this is not the only factor that comes into play. If you're iOS device has a later Version than iOS 9.3.3, then it is not currently exploitable!

At the time of this post (21/11/2016), we are expecting an iOS 10 Jailbreak to arrive very shortly. Developers are working none stop to find exploits and backdoors, to enable you to Jailbreak Your iOS Device!

If you would like to check all the supported Jailbreaks then check out this website: [ Register or Signin to view external links. ]

How can I check what iOS Version I have?

This again is another common question for people who are pondering with the idea of Jailbreaking. Most people don't really know how to check there iOS Version and it's really simple to do! Here's a step by step guide to check your version:

Step 1. Navigate to the first page of your home screen

Step 2. Click and open the "Settings" Application

Step 3. Click and open the "General" tab

Step 4. Now click the "About" Tab option

Step 5. Scroll down and look for "Version". On the opposite side it will display something like "9.3.2 (13F69)" Ignore the text in the brackets, the first bit of text is your iOS Version.

If you have moved your "Settings" Application then for Step 1. Navigate to the page containing the "Settings" App!

Is Jailbreaking Safe to do?

Within this thread I am trying to provide an un-biased opinion on Jailbreaking and its feature's. Therefore, I will split this part of the thread into two segments: Safe, Not Safe. So here you go -

Jailbreaking allows you to modify lots of previously accessible settings and files, which can allow you to add in many different features, which could potentially improve your devices security. One example of this is installing a tweak (Modification) to allow you to add passwords to individual applications and also to protect user information, like browser history, cached passwords & various other features of iOS.

Modifications can also allow you to fix small potential exploits / security threats. However, this is fairly rare when dealing with iOS as it has so many restrictions normally, which does help to keep the OS Secure overall and stop it from Malware, Viruses and other malicious applications.

As Jailbreaking allows you to practically remove all restrictions that would be in place, there is no limit on what can be done on your device, whether it be for bad or good. So, Jailbreaking does open you're device to a whole new world of danger. As your device could potentially pickup some malware or another form of virus when downloading Apps, Mods and Themes.

The application used to download a majority of Jailbroken apps and tweaks is called Cydia (Cydia-Substrate) and to get an app or tweak you must add the source first. Whenever a new source is added to Cydia's database it is scanned for malicious code and files which may cause harm to your device or steal user info. Which is kind of a relief. However, Cydia will not pickup on all potential viruses and malicious scripts. So there is still a big security threat to your iOS Device!

What is a 'tweak'?

A tweak is an application downloaded through the Cydia application, which tweaks the way your device works. Whether it be a huge change, or a little change. Tweaks can range from many different things like: A caller ID Spoofer, A game hack or even just a package installer (Such as Flex 3). There are a few different types of tweak and these are:

- Theme's (For the springboard)
- Applications
- File Managers / Explorer's / Editors
- Extension Modifications for Apps (Like Modifications for Snapchat)

There are thousand's and thousand's of each type of tweak. All offering different things. Some tweaks are paid which is usually the 'Premium' tweaks which run very smooth and are professionally developed to work efficiently and quickly. Making them much better to the free alternative's!

Can I get AppStore Apps for free?

This is one of the most asked questions of Jailbreaking. There are various different myths and stories around the internet saying that this is possible. However, it is not! You cannot download paid AppStore Applications for free! Not only would this be illegal, it is also stealing money from the App Creator's who spent lots of time making that particular app.

If people tell you that it's possible, then just ignore them. It is not possible as Apple uses their servers to validate all purchases. So unless you have access to the Apple Servers, then you're not going to get any app for free.

Can I get free In-App Purchases?

This is a topic that I don't really like to discuss, partly because of the facts:

- It's illegal and considered stealing
- Denying the app creators of well deserved revenue
- Un-fair to other player's / users (If app is multiplayer / features leaderboards)
- It ruins the whole point and fun of the game!

However, I am making this thread to give you accurate information about the subject! So, yes this is possible. I would not advise doing so (for the above reasons) but If you want to then nobody is going to stop you. Whilst you may be over the moon with this news, there is a downside to it. Most applications have measures to avoid this method being used on their app, as it's essentially stealing their cash!

Now, good news. There are various package installer tweaks such as 'Flex 3 Beta' which allows you to browse a directory of modifications for apps all over the App-Store. Simply download an ''Anti-Jailbreak Check" and most of the time the method will now work. Unless the application uses a server to validate purchases / checks with Apple

Is there more than 1 type of Jailbreak?

Infact yes there is! There's actually 4 different types of Jailbreaks, which all have their advantages and disadvantages, here is all 4 types with a brief explanation:

- Untethered Jailbreak: If the device is rebooted then the Device's Kernel will be patched without any assistance (From a PC)

- Tethered: Each time the device is rebooted it will need a PC to assist the boot. As the Jailbreak is not 'set in stone' and the Kernel cannot patch itself

- Semi-Tethered: If the device is re-booted then the Kernel is no longer patched (therefore has no access to Jailbroken Features) to re-patch the Kernal an application must be ran which will patch the Kernel upon Reboot

- Semi-Untethered: Again, if the device is rebooted the Kernel is no longer patched. To re-patch the Kernel an application must be installed to do so

Which Jailbreak is Good for me? See spoiler for help

Deciding which type of exploit is right for you can be tricky. You may not know how each one works, you may be un-sure to what you want or you may just want some advise. Below is a short guide to choosing the right type of exploit to suite your needs!

If you are looking for something to just mess around with and have it your exploit permanently (Until you remove it) then a Tethered Jailbreak is right for you. You will require a computer to boot up the iOS Device, as the boot needs certain code from the PC to even boot. However, with this method there is no applications that you need to install to keep re-patching your Kernel. It sticks for good! The downside, is that you cannot boot without PC Access!

If you are looking for a "set-in-stone" Exploit which doesn't need a PC or any applications to boot then an Untethered Jailbreak is what you are looking for! Even when you reboot your device the Jailbreak and all it's properties will stick! This is due to the fact that the Jailbreak patches the system file which checks for Unsigned Code. Allowing the Jailbreak process to take part during bootup! The disadvantage of this method is that the only way to remove your exploit is to reset your device in DFU Mode, or by upgrading your iOS software!

If you're looking for a Jailbreak which can be booted without a PC and without the exploit then a Semi-Tethered Jailbreak is good for you! You can boot up your device without PC access, this will cause the device to boot normally. Without any exploits. If you connect to your PC and launch a jailbreak application (Such as RedSn0w) then the device will boot with your exploit!

If you're looking for a method which can be enabled and disabled without PC access then a Semi-Untethered Jailbreak is just what you're looking for. This exploit allows you to reboot normally to boot without any form of exploit. However if you run an application on your phone and then lock your device it will re-boot with you're exploit! However, booting with an exploit can be tricky and can take up to 5 re-boots to successfully launch with an exploit. Depending on the type of Semi-Untethered Exploit this may be less! Personally I believe this to be the most convenient and easiest method of exploit available to date.

I've heard about Tweaks that are like a modded AppStore. Are these real?

Yes, these do exist and can be downloaded. They are designed to replicate the traditional app store with one slight change. Everything is free. As mentioned above, these are illegal and also effect the content creator! One major disadvantage to these tweaks is that download times are usually a lot longer than it would be on the traditional AppStore. Meaning a medium sized app can take around 1-2 minutes to download (with average internet)

Beware when downloading these kinds of apps, make sure you read reviews and do research before downloading. Not doing so could end up causing damage to your device! So, be very careful with what you download.

What are the Pro's & Con's of Jailbreaking?

There are potentially unlimited Pro's and Con's of Jailbreaking. As it's advancing with each day passing, more and more innovative tools and tweaks are being released and more and more people are choosing to Jailbreak their Devices! So why should you? Here's the overall pro's and con's

Advantages / Pro's:
- Allows for you to fully customize your device
- Allows for you to install un-signed code / apps
- Allows you full control over your device
- Ability to make your own application / tweaks and test them for free!
- A whole new library of applications and modifications
- Free Wifi tethering
- Modify application files
- Modify Apps and trick them
- Install lots of game hacks
- Package installers widely available
- Thousand's & Thousand's of free apps / tweaks / theme's
- Allows access to the OS file's
- Change wireless providers easily and quickly
- Lots more features available

Disadvantages / Con's:
- Easier target for viruses, malware and other malicious applications
- Very little anti-virus software available
- Cannot update to the latest iOS
- Overall system in-stability
- Small amounts of Lag
- Small chance of data loss
- Voids Warranty
- Less battery efficient

Section 2 - Customization Options

One of the many great things about exploiting your iOS Device is that it provides a whole new meaning to the word 'customization'. Most or maybe all restrictions of changes looks of your device are removed! You can even change the text where you're service supplier is (ex. AT&T or EE). There is no limits on how you can make your phone look. It's as easy as installing a tweak and changing a few settings!

Changing each individual element of your lockscreen / homescreen can be a tedious and lengthy process. That's where theme installer apps such as 'Winterboard' come in handy! Simply install the application and search for a theme you like on Cydia. Then install it and head over to the Winterboard application and enable it. Yes, you can customize your phone just like that. I will give a full tutorial on how to do this process later.

So, what options do I have? Your options are limitless as theme installer tweaks allow you to enable and disable certain things from each theme. Meaning you could have the text of 1 theme and the display of another. You can even combine multiple theme's into! This can be done by enabling 1 item from each theme, so you would have each element set with a different theme.

What do you recommend? Personally, I would advise for downloading applications like Winterboard to install theme packages directly from Cydia. These are typically the fastest and easiest methods of customizing your device. However, these cannot change certain features such as the text where you're service provider is displayed, however they can change the icon displayed next to it. Below is a example of a customized lockscreen which was achieved using a theme installer

[ Register or Signin to view external links. ]

Below you can find a list of applications used to install theme packages and other display tweaks:

Theme Installers:

Winterboard - Easy to use and still supported
[ Register or Signin to view external links. ]

iSkin - Create your own themes and use them

Anemone - Easy to use and supported
[ Register or Signin to view external links. ]

DreamBoard - Very good alternative to Winterboard
[ Register or Signin to view external links. ]

Other tweaks to change display:

F.lux - Allows you to change the screens tint
[ Register or Signin to view external links. ]

Barrel (Paid) - Allows transition changes when changing page

HotDog (Working on iOS 9) - Allows you to change your carrier text and logo

More will be added! These are most of the well known customization tweaks and apps. These are all that is needed to make your iOS device look better than any of your friends!

Section 3 - Game Modifications

One of the great things about exploiting your iOS device is that it opens up thousands of new features to enhance your gaming life. You can effortlessly mod your games and have one up against your opponents! This alone is one of the main reasons people turn to Jailbreaking their iOS Devices. There's various methods of modding your iOS games which all depends on the type of game it is. If its a simple single-player offline game then it can most likely be modified with iFile or any other file explorer tweak for that matter! When trying to modify games which are multi-player or require internet access to play it becomes a little trickier!

To modify / hack these games which are server based can be tricky. It can be done however, you may need to pay for a tweak to get it done. There is client only side mods too, these enable things similar to that of Aimbot and ESP Hacking on Call of Duty Games. These are very easy to do and can be downloaded from many different sources.

Most of the time people don't know where to start when wanting to mod game data. Downloading a package installer such as "XMod Games" is typically a good start for most people. These allow you to view all available patches available for the game you would like to mod. With XMod Games it allows you to boot the game without the patches or with them. Which is one of the very good features about package installers! Here's a few that are very good and easy to use:

Package Installers:

XMod Games
[ Register or Signin to view external links. ]

Flex 3 Beta - Not just for games
[ Register or Signin to view external links. ]

I have yet to test out other Patch installers. The two above I have tested and used and can verify them as safe to use

User Asked Questions

Q: Can I use a Jailbroken Device to Hack Pokemon Go?

A: Yes, you can. This process is no longer as straight forward as it was, but it can still be done. However, 'botting' the game is much easier done and doesn't even require an exploited device. For a while Niantic have been cracking down on Botters / Modders, so I would recommend using a secondary account when botting / modding.

Q: How can I hack Pokemon Go?

A: You have three options. Option 1, downloaded a modded version of the game from any replica app store, this will add features to the game such as location spoofing and speed settings. Option 2, Botting on a PC / Laptop, simply download an application, enter you're details and start and watch your Pokemon Roll on in. Finally option 3. This is basically the same as option 1 but slightly different. Using an Android Emulator download Pokemon Go and use the built in location spoofer to move around!

That's all for now! I will continue to add more to this thread as time goes on...

Is something missing? Let me know what and if I use it I'll +REP!

Usage of this post!:
If you would like to use my post elsewhere then I am giving permission! As long as you provide a link to this post with full credit to me!

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I would recommend all apple users to jailbreak their device. it doesn't quite make an iphone as good as an android but it narrows the gap
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Awesome post, Maj.

This should help out lots of people!
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You did a fairly well job on this congrats

Although, in the cons the less battery efficient is only if you're running high usage apps, you could look for a battery tweak that closes all possible but needed processes.

But I will give you credit this was very well put together
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Mitochondria wrote
You did a fairly well job on this congrats

Although, in the cons the less battery efficient is only if you're running high usage apps, you could look for a battery tweak that closes all possible but needed processes.

But I will give you credit this was very well put together

Thanks for the feedback
However, some apps / tweaks that aren't made in the best way they could can cause higher battery drain by using lots of resources and heavy code. I could add this in and mention it
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Update: Added a section to help with exploit types!
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Nice post sir, very informative and i learned a little bit.
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Well informative, I like the post
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looks like a lot of work went into this post! Well done
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Updated: Added a whole new section!
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