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Need help choosing new headsetPosted:

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So currently the headset I use is a Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro Plus stereo headset. I use this along side the Astro MixAmp TR. The sound is fantastic. Easily the best headset I have ever used. The only downside to this is all the cords that go along with the mixamp. Because of this, I am wanting to go wireless for more convenience, especially for when I have to switch to and from my moms and dads every week. The wires get very annoying. I would like to switch to wireless without sacrificing quality so my two options are the new Astro A50's with base station or the tritton katana 7.1 headset. Obviously the Astro's are good quality headphones; however the katanas have an hdmi pass-through for audio which allows for uncompressed and theoretically higher quality audios. The Katana's are currently priced at $199. The Astro's are priced at $299 however I can get for $239 through work (brand new). Which one should I go with and why? Thanks in advanced!
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Go for the a50's man. Unless you want cheap you can get turtle beach x31.
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I have the older wireless Astro A50's, big mistake. The dam headset gives me a headache after like 30min. They're very comfortable and best headset ever in my opinion but the wireless is too strong D: I recommend wireless wired headphones always

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