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What did you do during summer?Posted:

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So how was your summer guys? I for one had a great summer! Loads of barbeques of course

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Nothing exciting.
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Surgery after surgery. Was pretty shitty.
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It was good just chilled hung out with friends and family went fishing a lot, played basketball and just enjoyed the summer.
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Worked a lot.
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Played video games and slept
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Worked hanged out with friends and had a few drinks.
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Well, I wanted to enjoy my first summer of not having to worry about going back to school in September, but you know, I had to go play adult to live so I had to get a "real" job. Can't complain about my job though, I got to go a lot of places over the summer for work and a lot more to come!
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Work Work Work and I'm not allowed to take time of either kinda sucks
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Fishing, lots of fishing
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