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UZI's 4th Gold Giveaway has endedPosted:

  • E3 2017
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What's up everyone! Doing my 4th GG.

This giveaway is for users over 100 posts. Past winners are not eligible to play. Hopefully, this will make new users become more active within the community.

Past winners


How to enter
What is one thing you enjoy about TheTechGame .

Winner will be chosen in 24 hours
My fifth giveaway will be only for those who have over 250 posts so be sure to contribute to the TTG community until then.
Winner will be chosen using
post #= entry #

Thanks and see you guys later

EDIT:extended by four hours!
I cant come to a computer atm
Sorry for this

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One thing I enjoy about TTG is the people on here
you find people with similar interests as you
whether it's music taste, same video games you like, or someone from your town etc
it's a pretty chill environment
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Can I Still Join or Nah ,
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The community is awesome and enjoying my stay day by day haha

Thanks for the giveaway:)
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  • Christmas!
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The people on here are funny n kind. you can get d**ks like me but thats what we do
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What I enjoy about TTG is the fact that even after these past 3 years and me being a bit inactive during it I'm also going to return to it. There is just something about it that I can't put my finger on.
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One thing I love about TTG is the help.

If I have a problem regarding something, I know that there are multiple people here to help me
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Count me in for this fam.

My favorite thing or part about TTG is the the shoutbox.

See you in there.

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I enjoy giving away free mods to people and don't charge prices that people can not afford
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I haven't been here much lately but i enjoy the community and that the admins/mods are always engaging with us.
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