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Hey guys my names cwbrown60 or you can just call me Cory. I play mostly GTA V Online but have started playing lots of other games since I'm working on a gaming channel. I will more then likely be very active on here.

Thanks for having me

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Xbox (10-31-2016)
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  • Christmas!
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Welcome to the tech game! Make sure you read the rules and stay active! Need anything PM me I'll help you out!
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  • Halloween!
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Welcome to the site Cory. Read the rules & stay active!
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  • Winter Giveaway 16
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Welcome to TTG man!
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  • Summer Giveaway
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Welcome to the site man! Be sure to read the rules of each section before posting! Hope to see you around!
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Hey CwBrown, welcome to the website
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Welcome to the site.
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  • E3 2017
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Welcome to the site. When posting videos, please post in the correct forum.
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Welcome sir

Have some rep to get you started
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Welcome to the site homie.
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