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area 51 is the start of the future
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Think personally there is nothing there
And there just keeping all this up to keep us thinking
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Personally in Area 51 there is some sort of significant things happening in there that they don't want us to know about, why? Fear! These people that work there can not even come home and speak about how work was, they have contracts which permit it from happening (death if spoke about). Because of these extremes I would go as far as to say Aliens & UFOs, none of us has actually came close enough to find out for fact though. There has been multiple stories about the security there and for an example a plane pilot was going over it in a plane, at this point he was live on the radio to broadcast what happens but not long after he had received a warning to leave from the base and kept flying then the radio went dead, why? Was this the work of the security? I have many theories about this situation and take this very serious.
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Area 51 consists of many human beings that create the dankest memes and trends each year, it's said that once you emter Area 51 there is no going back to a normal life without dank memes
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TBH, I think it's just a normal military base. All bases are blocked out on google earth
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When I hear of area 51 I just think of the classified things that go on over there. It would be nice to know but maybe also very good we don't know what it is.
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i have no clue but i really want to see it from the hill
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My theory is, none of the alien stuff.

Just military stuff they don't want other countries seeing for obvious reasons.
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Experimental weapons, advanced aircrafts and vehicles, and alternate energy sources
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Classified stuff they dont want shown to the public.
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