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So I've been a fan of Hardcore music (Or for some people "Emo" Music) and a lot of people call me "Goth" and "Emo" and it really isn't true. Like I feel cringy writing this but it's kind of getting on my nerves of how people think that it's all about cutting yourself and killing yourself and stuff like that so I've decided to leave a couple links for people to listen to the music I do and don't listen to. But the main reason I'm writing this is because a week ago, a friend of mine killed himself from depression. It rattled my whole school and especially me and some of his close friends. The reason he did this was because he was facing depression and some of the kids at my school bullied him a little to much (Calling him emo, goth, a loser and a waste of space.) I've been called all these names so many times but I really don't care because I have some really good friends and an amazing girlfriend that I couldn't ask anything better for. Anyways, if you or anyone you know suffer from depression or anything like that, please call 1-800-273-8255 for help. There is never a reason to kill yourself. I haven't found any posts about this subject so I decided why not?

Hardcore Music I Hate

Hardcore Music I Like
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Well, stereotypes are probably never going to go away. They are always going to be around.

Anyway, I don't think you should care about what other people say regarding your taste in music, or anything. If they're too ignorant to realize that it's not all about the same thing, **** 'em. Just jam out to your favorite music.

These are a couple of songs that I like that maybe fit the category that you're talking about.
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