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Random wallpaper picture i tookPosted:

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i think this makes a good wallpaper. i took it a few days ago. any questions about the camera or lens feel free to ask. no post production ha been added.

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Looks god damn amazing man.I mean I wouldnt have this as my wallpaper because im not all into the bug type of thing but its an amazing picture. 10/10
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Looks pretty dope dude
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nice photography mate and yeah i would have it as a wallpaper.
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Nice shot, what kind of camera did you use?
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What kind of lens did you use?
And what was the focal length?
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Awesome photography I wish I could do that!

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That is a very awesome shot. Id never be able to get a shot like that at all, id end up shaking too much and bump into it haha
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Very beautiful in my opinion.

Good job bud.

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Wish I could take pictures this good
Amazing picture
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