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Anyone else get better players from squad building?Posted:

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I've opened so many packs and my best player was worth around 15k. Haven't really bothered with squad building until now, but after doing the one with the 10 league hybrid in it, I packed Sanchez out of the reward pack.

Anyone else getting better players of out these packs or am I just lucky?
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Everyone has been getting lucky with the SBC, I think the pack luck is increased from them. People have been making accounts just to do all the advanced SBC's and making profit, you can delete the FUT and do them again.
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I've done 4 squad building challenges across 5 accounts, not packed a player worth more than normal batshuayi.
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The best things I have got from them is Bellerin x2 and Sterling.

My friend has done around 30 upgrade SBC's to get the 2 rares and has got Hummels, Alaba and IF Madzukic.

People seem to be very lucky with these

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The SBC packs are more expensive/better packs tho so no wonder you get better players??
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I've gotten really good things from it! I've only done it in my main account and packed griezman and many other others!
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After reading this topic, I just the gold upgrade and got Eric Bailly was makin a prem team after FUT champs so that's helpful !
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