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Fold is five years oldPosted:

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Welp just now realized that it's once again time to celebrate my decision to become a member of The Tech Game. It's been a really fun time here these last five years and I hope to enjoy many more with everyone .

Thanks to all my friends here and everyone I talk with on my occasional sb visits, wouldn't have stuck around this long without you guys.

As always, thanks for everything TTG

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Congrats on 5 years Fold.

Welcome to the club.

We got to play Xbox again sometime soon.

See you in the shoutbox every now and then.

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Congrats on five years buddy
Hope to see you around in the SB
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Congrats, and to another 5
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Good job my brotha! Welcome!
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Congrats on 5 years. Awesome member ;). Thanked and Rep!
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Grats on 5 years

Cya at 6
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grats on being a senior citizen here, make sure you spend the rest of your golden years here,
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Grats on 5 years bro, heres to five more.
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