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How much do you make vs how much do you really make?Posted:

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So after looking at my check, I'm curious to see how much everyone else makes vs what they really make. My last check was $1,626.55, but I came home with $1,168.69. I make $24.55 per hour, but after federal income tax, social security tax, medicare tax, union dues, and WA workers comp, I make $17.27 per hour. How much do you make and how much do you come home with per hour?
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I currently make $13/hr. I'm not sure what it is after taxes, because my stubs are online and they messed up my account and they are fixing it(Just started).

I did 104 hours in the last 2 weeks, so my check came out to 1,200ish. I can pay my bills this way, so I'm perfectly happy. I sit at a desk at night as a security officer and watch Netflix. Of course, I wouldn't mind making more if I had the option.
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At least you aren't like me and took last year's income at face value without realizing that they're going to 1099 me.
I had to pay tax on all of that shit out of pocket because I didn't set anything aside.

I much rather of had them take it our right away than slap me with a huge bill the next year lol
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I get 250 dollars AUD every 2 weeks (yes i'm on youth allowance) But i study 5 days a week from 8.30 till 5 every day
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I make $29.58/hr before taxes.

FICA takes $46.22
FICA medicare takes $10.81
Federal tax is $96.40
United Way takes $38.00

My paycheck does not tell me how much the union takes though.

I probably lose out on roughly 200 or so dollars every week.
GIve or take some if I work more hours one week than the other.
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At least you guys can work and make money. I can't work, due to being disabled, so I bring home a total of $0 an hour.
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ill be making about $13 a day, taxes wont take any out since i get paid by tax payers
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Before taxes it's $1,847 a month. After taxes I make $720.00 a paycheck (every 2 weeks) which isn't a whole lot however I'm getting paid regardless of whether I am actually doing my job or playing Xbox and relaxing so..
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Never tell the truth about how much you make.
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