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My Review of FIFA 17Posted:

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So I've had the 10 hour trial, got it on US release date and played nearly 3 days on it in total. I have a solid UT (as per below) and a decent little career mode going
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So I'll start off with everyones favourite, Ultimate Team;

First of all, I love the squad building challenges. It is exactly what was needed this year. It means the market is continously moving, brings into play an easier way of getting better rewards and generally a brilliant addition. Especially with the new limited edition cards such as Jonas and Giovinco, I can not wait until they release a cheeky little David Villa or someone like that.

I don't like the new price search interface, having to click (B) multiple times means I on a very regular basis back into the main Ultimate Team interface and it annoys me so much.

Game play - I really thought this year was going to be my year with FIFA, new game engine and physics to benefit my playing style, oh no. Same old FIFA Ultimate Team with the AIDS and match fixing, I have about 750kish and have and have had very good teams which get completely played off the park by cheap gold prem teams, every tackle I make bounces back to them, every rebound, my players can't pass and feel as agile as a dead cat.

When my team isn't busy being restricted by AIDS I love the game, the passing and movement is something I've been asking for more of for years. (I have noticed the movement is only good due to defenders not tracking runners but still) I love playing in early crosses and this game suits that as the best type of strikers are your typical 6'0-6'2 average pacers, theyll win headers and get onto the crosses with a bit of pace on them.

Refereeing decisions though, WHAT THE HELL MAN?! It's gone from not being able to breathe on an opponent before you get a foul to being able to 2 foot them to the face for the ref to just to wave it off like it's nothing.

Overall I think I might be sticking to single player UT and playing friends this year though.

The Journey

I love it, I have been crying out for a first person footballer type game for years and years, like imagine FIFA and GTA combined, epic.

It just needs a bit more freedom and it'll be what i'm after, being able to start local and work your way up would be better etc. But i'm sure we'll see that over the years, terrific start.

The game play is solid and fun, I get annoyed when you call for a ball in open space and they play a terrible pass and you get rated down for "calling for the ball at a bad time" but hey-ho, Alex Hunter is repping 20+ goals for Newcastle for me. The interactions are both cringey and hilarious, when you and gareth have your first meeting with the assistant coach and he slates you for looking like a boyband and tells you to go in one direction I found it hilarious (I love crappy jokes)

Career mode

Career mode has had a major boost with the new expectations, it means you can't just do as you please and you do within reason have to do as the board tell you.

Again, it still needs to be redone fully and have limits set on clubs and have a proper youth set up added.

I'm Newcastle on my career mode, not only do we already have the best team on paper in the league, we're given £30m to spend on top of that, I've managed to sign Goretzka (Schalke) and Lucas Moura (PSG) to a championship team. I think that needs sorting out...

Pro clubs

Big, big fan of pro clubs here. Always have been since it became a feature. This year at the start I couldn't play, my pro was slow, poor agility and couldn't shoot. Every game was 0-0, since levelling up with the new system (which I also think is amazing) to an 84 my pro has been insane. I love how passing is more involved instead of seeing some blue haired afro just tear your defence up, scored some absolute belters and this is my favourite of the ones I've scored;

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Stick with pro clubs if you're not a fan straight away, it gets better.

(If an admin can help intergrate the picture and video into the post so people don't have to go to a different website that'd be great)
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