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Hit 1k posts TTG SeniorPosted:

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I finally hit 1000 posts also got 1k Rainmaker Badge

Next Goal is to get 200 Rep and 1000 thanks wish me luck guys

TTG is my life now

I'm very active to this site on it almost 24/7

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Congrats on becoming a TTG Senior and getting the 1k Rainmaker badge.

Keep up the good work m8.

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Congrats on 1k pal

Keep up the good work
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Gratz on senior man. 1k thanks takes a while and a lot of dedication. So good luck on that one.
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Congratulations, celebrations!
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Sick badge m8, congratulations.
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Congratulations man, but don't get blinded by rep
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congrats man
keep up the posting
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congrats man!

ive seen you around the forums a good bit and i knew you would hit it soon
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Congrats on your spam to 1,000 posts dude. See you at 2k posts sometime soon in the near future.
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