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Nades CRL here!Posted:

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Hi I am an upcoming competitive leader for a team I have made called Crucial eSports.

I started playing comp back when call of duty 4 came out.

I am hoping to build my progression.

Hoping y'all will drop a follow on twitter

Also we are recruiting we need 2 more comp players on xbox.

Also I am wanting an NA team to be started up on xbox so HMU.

I have read the rules and I'm fully aware of them.

I will stay active and hope to see you all around thanks.


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dah (09-30-2016), Xbox (09-30-2016)
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Hey bud, welcome to TTG! Have fun here.
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Welcome to TTG! be sure to read the rules and have fun here!
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Welcome to the site.

See you around the community.

Message me if you have and problems or questions.

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Welcome to thetechgame pal

See ya around
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Welcome to this site, stay active and see you around the forums.
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Welcome to the site, good luck with your new team.
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