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So today I received a new award on TTG, and I thought I would make a milestone topic because why not. The past couple days I have created a few interesting videos and posted them to TTG, sporting my TTG clothing as well! I just so happened to log on today and looked at my profile, and instead of my 6 that I was used to seeing I had received a brand new number 7.

My seventh award, quite awesome reminds me of Geno Smith as he is #7 as well, but anyways that's all I would like to share, so yeah thanks ttg for the producer award.


Harambes Restoration

Death of a King

My Favourite Beverage

John Cena?

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Thanks List

Suhpose, for Accepting my Videos
Who ever gave me said achievement
Shoutbox Users
C4, for being signed to my team on Forza Horizon 3 (? what)
Shrek Dance Party on Roblox, seriously check it out.

Secret Image
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Congrats Lyttle, you put a lot of hardwork into it and you deserve it. Love you
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Your videos are very inspiring keep it up! and congrats!
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You are my lyttle idol!
Gratz man.
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The G.O.A.T Larambe got his badge. Congrats man. Runescape completion should be the next achievement.
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omg congrats you deserve it your videos are highly creative and make me laugh! congrats friend
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Heck ya man! Get those achievements bro!!! Keep up the good work!
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Badge looks so clean man!

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Pretty sure your the first person to get this? Congrats bro!
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Congratulation to a living legend , memelord , harambe saviour and future president of the United states of America.
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