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So today I received a new award on TTG, and I thought I would make a milestone topic because why not. The past couple days I have created a few interesting videos and posted them to TTG, sporting my TTG clothing as well! I just so happened to log on today and looked at my profile, and instead of my 6 that I was used to seeing I had received a brand new number 7.

My seventh award, quite awesome reminds me of Geno Smith as he is #7 as well, but anyways that's all I would like to share, so yeah thanks ttg for the producer award.


Harambes Restoration

Death of a King

My Favourite Beverage

John Cena?

Thanks List

Suhpose, for Accepting my Videos
Who ever gave me said achievement
Shoutbox Users
C4, for being signed to my team on Forza Horizon 3 (? what)
Shrek Dance Party on Roblox, seriously check it out.

Secret Image

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Congrats Lyttle, you put a lot of hardwork into it and you deserve it. Love you
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Your videos are very inspiring keep it up! and congrats!
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You are my lyttle idol!
Gratz man.
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The G.O.A.T Larambe got his badge. Congrats man. Runescape completion should be the next achievement.
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omg congrats you deserve it your videos are highly creative and make me laugh! congrats friend
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Heck ya man! Get those achievements bro!!! Keep up the good work!
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Badge looks so clean man!

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Pretty sure your the first person to get this? Congrats bro!
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Congratulation to a living legend , memelord , harambe saviour and future president of the United states of America.
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